Gold Crown Green Font Visits 2016 BaselWorld Rolex Pavilion

Each year BaselWorldBasel World Watch and Jewelry Fair, there are two brands has been the focus of attention of each watch friends, one is Rolex, one is Patek Philippe, and even more attention to the Rolex Patek Philippe. This year's Rolex Pavilion, the golden crown and green font "ROLEX" seems more eye-catching, perhaps a psychological effect, the iconic combination, and used in the replica watches, so it is more special. Still very high on the Rolex Pavilion, the iconic water ripple wall decoration, green as the main colors. Outside the exhibition area, you can enjoy replica watches uk carefully arranged brand culture exhibition. watch show has not yet begun, brand service personnel have been combat readiness. From the outside into the brand service area, you can feel the brand of thoughtful service. Summary: This year's rolex replica has been announced before the new, I believe a lot of friends are one of the Airking impressive, this watch is the use of a golden crown and green Rolex font as a logo, ingenuity, thus, to commemorate the exhibition hall Seems to be impressive.