Entry-level Rolex red grape oyster-style constant movement watch available for sale

By the pre-holiday consumer boom, the major shopping malls after the Spring Festival passenger flow has declined, recently, Rolex has added a popular store style, launched in 2015 a variety of Oyster Perpetual watch available for sale. Which red grape Oyster constant action 116000 watch priced at 42,500 yuan, is the Rolex entry-level watch in the more personalized style. In recent years, replica watches uk in the escalation of products, but also began to play a big color, the unique color fingertips, of which more ice blue, the rainbow was regarded as a classic. Rolex Oyster Perpetual Red grape-colored dial watch introduced in 2015 during the Basel, model 116000, along with the introduction of the blue, white grape and other color watches. Rolex oyster constant action 116000 rolex replica for the 36 mm watch diameter, be a relatively neutral size, unisex. As the entry section, which in addition to Rolex's iconic Oyster-type constant movement and waterproof performance, the function is only a simple three-pin, of course, the pointer and the time scale are covered with luminous coating. The bracelet is a 904L stainless steel oyster metal chain, with strong corrosion resistance. Prior to this, there are many Rolex entry models, including air hegemony, etc., in recent years, Rolex constantly develop and improve the Oyster Perpetual Series rolex replica watches, now covers 34 mm, 36 mm, 39 mm in three sizes to meet Most of the consumer demand. In addition to this Oyster Perpetual watch, the store also has a variety of Oyster-style constant motion watch to choose from, interested friends can call or to store consultation.