Twelve solutions to tell you the new Rolex customer service center

In the watch industry has such a brand he never adhere to their own style of herd, won the majority of watch enthusiasts and collectors of the unanimous approval of the brand too much about the brand such as "once and for all" People and most do not understand the watch are worth buying "" If you only buy a watch to buy his life, "this highly acclaimed brand is Rolex! Parts and components sector Rolex with its superb workmanship, as well as the solid quality and precise travel time known, that these exquisite watch is how to create it? For consumers and many watch media people are very mysterious, as far as I know visited the Rolex watch factory of the Chinese media so far has not yet more than 10 people. In 2015, Rolex Beijing Oriental Plaza, the overall call center to move to the wealth center, the renovation is completed for the first time invited 11 Chinese media to visit, which is the first Rolex customer service center open to the media, is the first open to the media for the Rolex Customer Service Center With all kinds of doubts, through a morning time for me to Rolex customer service center and the Rolex brand has a comprehensive understanding of the next with me to understand the new Rolex Customer Service Center. Polishing workbench Why move? Rolex in China's customer service center a total of four, namely, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing. As the original Beijing Oriental Plaza customer service center has been unable to meet the needs of brand development, so this year, the overall Rolex customer service center moved to the Century Fortune Center, Chaoyang District, Beijing, the new office location more environmentally friendly, more standardized process. Detailed address of the new customer service center? 3rd Floor, Building 1, Century Fortune Center, Guanghua Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing Customer Service Tel: 010-58276688 Can repair and maintenance brand Rolex, Tudor training room Which Rolex can come here to repair the Lord? Rolex mentioned earlier in China, there are four customer service center, and Beijing, which is mainly a north-facing customers and customers in the Northwest region, of course, other regional customers can get the watch here maintenance, Rolex adhering to a unified global service standards. It is worth mentioning that the dealer's after-sales service is also here, but they have a separate reception channel. training room How big is the new customer service center? There are two floors in the three-storey reception center, and five-storey maintenance center training room In case of false watch repair watch how to do? Rolex staff for each repair of the watch for testing, when the detection of your watch is false after the watch in order to avoid the embarrassment of the staff will separate the parties to a conference room, a tactful description of the situation. training room Repair watch process is? 1, in the third floor reception center to receive the number plate 2, the staff to get the watch after the test evaluation 3, testing and evaluation after the repair offer written into a green bag, return to the third floor reception by the guests decide whether to carry out maintenance. Note: Rolex has specially renovated the call center, Rolex has a direct access from the third floor dedicated to the fifth floor of the conveyor belt watch staff received the watch on the third floor after treatment on the conveyor belt, and then transported directly to the conveyor belt to On the fifth floor of the maintenance department. Vacuum, compression, condensation and water testing Rolex and Tudor is to repair together? The third floor of the reception is next to the fifth floor of the maintenance is together with the different colors of the bag to distinguish the brand, green for customers to repair Rolex products, red for customers repair Dili rudder products, yellow for the dealer repair Of Rolex products, white for the dealer repair the Tudor products. Case polishing A watch is how to repair? 1, dismantling, the reception staff received the watch after the watch to the fifth floor, first dismantling the maintenance department, the watch chain and open the back cover 2, after cleaning, dismantling with a special cleaning agent for these parts for cleaning, and then air-dried. And give each part a unique number that will not be confused with other watches 3, maintenance, the staff to check the replacement parts required, all parts are Swiss original production guarantee quality. 4, assembly, and increase the power to ensure the output of lubricants. 5, when proofreading, Rolex uses a special instrument every day at the same time point to take pictures, and then record the pointer angle and then the replica watches uk next day to take photographs proofreading, to determine the accuracy of travel time. 6, the appearance of polishing, Rolex watches are the highest level of steel 904L austenitic stainless steel, its strength is higher than our common 316L, 304 and other models, Rolex watches can guarantee at least 23 times polished refurbished. 7, replacement of sealing parts, the staff assembled for the replacement of the new sealing apron, with a special instrument to suppress the apron with the case together. 8, waterproof test, watch after maintenance assembly after the waterproof test, this step were vacuum test, compression test, condensation test three parts to test to ensure the precision of rigorous testing. 9, quality inspection, the final maintenance personnel will be in accordance with the new watch before the factory testing standards for a full range of testing the watch, including power reserve, appearance, travel time of several important parts. 10, two years of service guarantee, as long as the completion of the maintenance of your watch in normal use cases, you can get Rolex again free service, of course, if you have bumps wear, or replacement of unofficial parts and non-Rolex Approved Repair Points The problems caused by repairs are not warranted. Dismantling All scratched Rolex watch can be polished it? This is not the case, minor scratches can be maintained through the call center, if the scratches serious call center in the case of replacement parts can not be polished, polished according to customer needs. Replace the components What if the actual maintenance price is replica watches higher than the quotation? When the actual maintenance process to replace the parts that are higher than the cost of the guests to the offer, then this part of the cost borne by Rolex, of course, this is very rare. On the chain crown What kind of work environment? The work area on the fifth floor is white and green in two different colors, and the white area ensures zero white pollution through the dust in the pressure discharge area. The white area is equipped with precision parts for movement. Green area is used to clean the appearance, grinding, polishing and so on. Small convex lens Qualification of service technician? Rolex customer service center technicians mostly from the rolex replica professional watchmaker school or have relevant work experience personnel, to Rolex customer service center after the professional training but also qualified before they can post. It is worth mentioning that no matter where maintenance technicians come from, Rolex must have a brand of love and careful and responsible spirit of the work. Final quality control Summary: Visit Rolex Beijing Customer Service Center to give me the feeling is shocking! Said the call center in fact, personally feel that it is more like a small watch factory in general, each part of the convergence and the rigors of high standards of achievement of the legend of Rolex immortal. On the Rolex we can praise its performance, precision, legibility, durability and reliability, but this is not all of his more exciting is worth your exploration!